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Because suits don’t code.

345 consulting services are about practice, not theory. Harness real world experience.

345 cloud services


I’ve found you’ve got to look back at the old things and see them in a new light. -Trane

The real risk is not changing. If you want to keep creating you have to embrace change. It is a continuous modulation. Change does not mean throwing away everything you know. Adaptive change is evolution. It is improvement. It is about striving.

The cloud is not just a fashion statement. It’s a new paradigm. To get the best out of the cloud you have to think differently. You have to design & implement differently. You won’t get the benefits of the new dispensation if you still play by the old rules.

Stagnation reduces productive efficiency and increases opportunity cost. Legacy software systems cost more than you think they do. But haphazard migration to the cloud costs even more.

The cloud won’t fix all your problems. But you can solve old problems in better ways. The hype is that everything goes better in the cloud. Just like that. Don’t believe the hype. Established enterprises must protect the operational realities of day-to-day IT service provisioning. Regulatory compliance impose implications on technology implementations. The inertia resulting from the complexity inherent in large legacy systems impose longer time-lines on a cloud migration roadmap.

Cloud is about continuity. To embrace tomorrow you have to take care of today first. 345 believes in finding the practical answers that your business is ready for right now. Sensible strategies built on the reality of where you actually are, rather than where some consultant thinks you should be. You can’t afford dogma, you have a business to run. You don’t need to hear grand theories when you need real advice. And we can help.

345 composes, builds & orchestrates software in the cloud. This is what we do. Our own in-house software is cloud. We build on the bedrock of ready-made 345 cloud components that allow us to focus on solving your business problems. This means that we are not stuck reinventing basics like configuration, logging and security for each new project.

While drag-and-drop no-code solutions might provide you with some easy wins, ultimately the connective glue that makes the cloud work is code. 345 is serious about code. The line of code that will save you hours of tedious manual labour. Manual tasks you have to repeat, by hand, and it never ends. When the right line of code is done, it is done.

345 can help with your

  • Cloud Strategy & Roadmap
  • Cloud Architecture & Design
  • Optimal Cloud Code
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Dev-Ops in the Cloud

Talk to 345 about the cloud. We’ve done it before.

345 Architecture Consultancy


Making the simple complicated is commonplace. Making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity. -Mingus

There’s an art to minimalist architecture. It’s about finding the simplest thing that could possibly work. Simple does not mean easy. Minimalist does not mean ignoring inconvenient, but essential, detail. Sometimes minimalist architecture is elegant; sometimes it is brutal in its functional simplicity.

345 refine our architectures with Occam’s Razor. We distil the requisite assumptions for a working design to the minimum set. If a component is not necessary, it is meaningless.

345 will design the conceptual, solution and technical architecture for your software, to your requirements, for your delivery teams. Modern architecture is a complex multi-disciplinary arena. 345 will help you with:

  • Business Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Architecture & Design (Enterprise, Solution, System)
  • Implementation road-map for larger programs of work
  • Rapid Prototyping

345’s background is enterprise software, with a focus on Enterprise Application Integration, Business Process Automation, Enterprise Service Bus, Service Orientated Architectures & Business Intelligence. This is where we come from, and we have not forgotten. We apply all that we have learnt to design and code our own software.

We believe that software architecture has become too abstract: a couple of simplistic blocks on a whiteboard with big arrows that wave away very real technical problems as “implementation detail”. This is how projects fail before the first line of code is written, and the most expensive project failures are where the architecture forced the implementation the wrong way.

The beguiling simplicity of a block diagram can very easily neglect real-world complexities such as designing a system to work at scale, for fail-over and redundancy in the real world where network latency and hardware are subject to variance outside of the ideal.

An architect should not be defined by a failure to grasp detail. As much as part of the architect’s role is to communicate the big picture, the architect must absolutely grasp the technical reality of the subject matter to sufficient detail in order to communicate without distortion.

In order to derive the simplicity of an optimal design, the architect must first integrate all the constituent factors. Software has to deal with ugly realities: legacy systems, complex system interactions across process boundaries, inefficient protocols, misbehaving 3rd party components. A good architecture cannot wish away these challenges by over-simplifying or ignoring the detail. A good architecture cannot solve these challenges by bolting on extraneous components, with each new component trying to solve a problem the last introduced. The elegance of a working system is that it is optimally functional, not that is pretty.

We believe that software architecture has become too insulated from consequence: where architects do not experience the consequences of up-stream decisions because of being too far from the down-stream implementation. In software, design and implementation should form a feedback loop for continuous refinement and improvement.

A 345 architect can write code. A 345 architect can implement their own designs. A 345 architect probably tried it out themselves before recommending it. 345 architecture is the beauty of functional design.

345 development methodology services


If you get the right guys to play the right thing at the right time, you got everything you need. -Miles

As much as we talk about the creativity involved when expanding the reach of software beyond what we thought was possible, software is an engineering discipline. As much as the greats make it look easy, relentless practice & discipline allow them to transcend the intricate technique into creative free expression. Talent alone does not make a great artist. First you have to learn your instrument, you have to practice.

Talent lets you get it right once, technique lets you get it right twice.

345 management consultancy gives you the benefit of our own experiences building real software. Because you can’t afford to pay for rehearsals. Talking about methodology in software is about theory, and frequently forgets practice. 345 builds software for a living. We can show you what works.

We practice what we preach. We can help guide your team to implement methodology that actually works for delivering modern software reliably & repeatably:

  • Build Automation
  • Business Analysis & Requirements Gathering
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Development Methodology
  • Dev-Ops
  • Quality Assurance

Our philosophy for building reliable delivery frameworks is different. It’s about people. It’s about removing the obstacles that prevent your teams from delivering great work. Blind adherence to doctrine that fails to embrace the conditions particular to the immediate environment will not lead to quality software. Your methodology must work with your talent, your corporate culture, your unique pressures and constraints.

In certain verticals in the enterprise development arena creative software delivery is bound by regulatory concerns and compliance.

345 has extensive experience in the banking, aeronautics, automotive, telecoms, and sensitive security clearance industries.

Where compliance and regulatory adherence underpin the business, your delivery methodology must complement the mandated checks and balances. It’s not easy to fit in an iterative and incremental delivery methodology within such a framework without negatively impacting project velocity and quality, and it is here where 345 can help you find the benefits of streamlining your development process within the requisite boundaries of your regulatory requirements.

In Enterprise IT, projects frequently have to work to a predefined set of requirements, to a set budget and set timeline. The very antithesis of modern, iterative, software delivery theory. Scrum, or more pure Agile, exists uncomfortably in a framework that is intrinsically top-down, especially when the project mandate and budget demands a more linear implementation.

Agile is great. Agile is also not for everyone. In the enterprise, delivery methodology frequently becomes another reason not to deliver software, rather than a discipline that streamlines the delivery of quality work. Especially when the delivery methodology is a poor fit for the over-all corporate culture. The quality of the work is what matters, and no amount of methodology or process can hide when it is not there. Slapping the word “scrum” on an otherwise waterfall project, just because you have a stand-up occasionally, doesn’t actually improve the quality of the software.

345 is not big on fads, we’re big on what works. Software delivery is much afflicted by fashion. The idea that the new miracle cure will land your next project, to specification, on time and on budget. What works for someone else might not work for you. 345 has the wide industry experience to help you find what works for you.

Get in touch if you would like improve how you deliver software.