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DevOps Mentoring

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DevOps Mentoring

About the Program

This program was developed for dev teams wanting to take ownership of their DevOps and wanting guidance on how to improve.  We find that our clients want their own development teams to improve their DevOps capability instead of hiring in temporary expertise that leaves them exposed further down the line.

This program can be completed online or in person, and many customers prefer the online option to lower their costs.

We aim to take you through a program where we baseline your current processes and capabilities, establish a vision of where you would like to get to, over what timeframe, and then provide the support to help you get there.

We then work with the relevant members of your team and coach them on the tools and practices they need in order to meet their goals.

What’s in the Program?

The DevOps Mentoring Program includes the following benefits:

  • Initial review of your current state and goals
  • Allocated specialist mentor
  • Regular, weekly coaching sessions
  • Collaborative work to resolve your DevOps issues
  • Access to original DevOps content
  • Membership of the 345 DevOps Forum

You can use your allocated time in the way that suits you best.  Talk through your problems on a video call, ask us questions that we’ll take offline and answer, treat us as additional technical resource for tackling some of your thorny issues.

What do you get out of the Program?

This program is designed for organizations that experience problems related to a lack of automation in their software delivery processes, with the attendant problems with productivity, delivery and quality. Follow this program if you want to:

  • Ensure your software is clean and fully tested by implementing rigorous CI processes.
  • Ensure your infrastructure is provisioned in a repeatable, scripted manner.
  • Ensure your application deployments are delivered in a repeatable, scripted manner.
  • Ensure your application security settings are auditable and repeatable.
  • Have processes in place to take your software from the point of commit through to release with the minimum friction, allowing you to focus on delivering features instead of firefighting quality issues.

If you want to take your software delivery to the next level then enrol in this program.

For Technical Team Managers

We work with you to establish the vision and timeframes, and we keep you informed of the mentoring work we’re doing with members of your team. We will also coach you on what you should be measuring and prioritizing so you can effectively manage your technical team and get the maximum progress.

At all times we respond to your priorities and concentrate on your biggest wins.

For Technical Team Members

You own your own work. We have worked as consultants for a long time and we’ve seen what works well and what doesn’t We don’t parachute in, put in place something you have no involvement in, and then disappear leaving you holding the baby. We’re here to support you to reach your own goals, so you own the output right from day one. We want you to grow in skill and knowledge to the point where you no longer need us.

Your 345 Mentor

The mentor you’ll work with will be an experienced industry expert with many real-life projects under his belt. At 345 we are not tied into any vendor or technology, so we will work with you to develop tools and practices that are appropriate for you, not to prescribe what we’re evangelists for.

We select the appropriate expert for you depending on your technology stack, your hosting model and your toolset.

How does it work?

Our approach is founded on collaboration. We will establish an online workspace for our mentoring program where we keep the documents and information related to your business. We work on these artefacts together, contributing via the workspace and via online meetings.

The first thing we do is establish a baseline of where you are. You’ll do most of the work on this, and it’s information we need for planning your progression.

After this we work with you to establish a vision of where you want to get to, which reflects the priorities of your own organization. We then agree a roadmap of progression steps to take you from your current baseline towards your vision.

Once we have this roadmap we work with you and your team, coaching and supporting you to reach your next milestone. We focus on developing your knowledge, skill and experience, ensuring you are able to perform the work and can therefore support and run your DevOps independently.

At each milestone we review progress against our objectives and review the future stages in the roadmap, replanning and refocusing as necessary.

How much does it cost?

We offer a flexible package that can be tailored to suit your needs and budget. We have no minimum commitment from you, and you only pay for the time we spend on your program.

A typical enrolment on the program will have an initial 2-day engagement for fact-finding, baseline review and goal-setting.  This is then followed by 3 months (13 weeks) of mentoring for 2 hours a week, a total of 26 hours’ mentoring. Online prices for this program start at just £5,000 / $6,500 USD, which is considerably cheaper than getting full-time onsite assistance.!

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