How we work

Flexible arrangements to fit around you

We support different engagement types so you can find what works best for you. Whether you want a short-term expert or a managed service, we’ll work to deliver a service that meets the needs of your business so.

Rock Stars

High impact specialists that go into your business to solve specific big issues that you have. Whether it’s to help you with your tech strategy, troubleshoot a system that’s not performing or create an architectural blueprint. Benefit from being able to draw on experts when you need them.

Team Players

If you’re running your own project and you need individuals to help you meet key roles, call on some 345 Team Players to get your project motoring. We’ll find the right combination for you, onsite or remote, bringing you the skills you need with people you get along with.

Virtual Team

Need help expanding your delivery capacity?  Use 345 as a virtual development team and feed us projects or workpackages. We’ll organise the work in the most efficient and effective way so you minimise your management and maximise the speed of delivery.

"From the whiteboard to the motherboard, great solutions are built by great engineers"

Rock Stars

345 is built on high-calibre individuals with a track record of success in demanding circumstances.  Examples of how 345 rock stars help your business:

  • Cost Optimisation:  Assessing where your technology costs are are creating a strategy to make genuine long-term savings without loss of service.
  • Performance:  Understanding your system performance, discovering and eliminating performance bottlenecks, making sure your systems can scale to meet current and future demands.
  • Reliability:  Troubleshooting reliability issues and bringing your systems up to the quality bar you need.
  • Development Lifecycle:  Looking at how you approach software development and plugging the gaps in process and practice, so your team deliver effectively and reliably.
  • Architecture:  Making the big decisions that affect your technology choices and how your solutions are built, then working with your tech teams to deliver them.

“Enhance your team with some great team players from 345.”

Team Players

Do you run your own projects and need to supplement your team with specific skills?  If so, you can take advantage of the 345 team to add some great players into your squad.

Some of the roles we regularly help clients with are:

  • Architects:  Technical leads that steer your team in the right direction, mentoring your junior developers and making sure that every piece of technology they choose for you is achievable.
  • Lead Engineers:  Experienced team leaders that can run feature teams or your whole dev team.  
  • DevOps: Specialist engineers that ensure your software gets built, deployed and tested correctly – and automatically.
  • Test Engineers:  Testing requires a different mindset from development – and a different skillset.  

"345 have a long track record in building bulletproof mission-critical systems"

Virtual Team

Do you need someone to just pick up some of your delivery and make it happen?  This is where a 345 virtual team comes into its own.  We will assemble a team with the right skills and run it for you, increasing your delivery capacity without giving you a management headache.

We know how most dev shops work, and we strive to be different.  We create a shared space in which our teams operate.  We manage the work and ensure you get full transparency.  

Some of the areas our virtual teams help you are:

  •  Proof of Concept:  Implementing a small project in a short period of time to demonstrate whether a technology choice is suitable, demonstrating how to use a technology choice, and getting some key feedback such as performance and cost.
  • Workpackage:  We take some of the features of your project and deliver them independently, leaving you free to focus on the rest of your project safe in the knowledge that at least some of it will be delivered on time with excellent quality.
  • Project:  We take the whole build phase of your project and create a team to deliver it.  This can prove to be a highly cost-effective way of delivering your project, safe in the knowledge that you have transparency of the team’s performance at all times.
  • Support:  Once your application is built, we will look after it to make sure that minor enhancements, fixes and upgrades are delivered with minimum fuss.