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You can choose from a number of flexible options that work in a way to suit you.

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Flexible expertise tailored to your needs

Do you need the occasional steer, or do you need to get someone into your team to do it for you? Every organisation has its own way of working. We’d rather understand how you need to harness external help than force you into a way of working that’s great for us and not for you.

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Embedded Specialists

You run your own projects, you have your own people. You recognise that you have a gap in skills or knowledge and you need to move at maximum pace. This is where 345 Embedded Specialists shine. Having been there before and solved the same problems for other clients, our specialists are seconded onto your team to provide dedicated expertise to kick-start your project.

This option is for teams that need high-input daily support to meet their goals.

Why 345?

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Technical Coaching and Mentoring

You want your own team to do the work, and you’re looking for help and advice to keep you on the right track. You want a sounding board for your ideas, and someone to turn to that can steer you through your technical decisions. You don’t need extra people in your team on a daily basis yet you need to leverage the knowledge of our specialists.

If this sounds like you, our Technical Coaching and Mentoring programme might be the best option. Depending on your needs we can work with you remotely or on-site, as regularly as you need:

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly
  • Ad-hoc

Why 345?

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Work Packages

If you have a specific task in mind that you want completed with the minimum impact on your team, we also take packages of work and complete them at our own offices.

In these engagements we will work closely with you initially to define scope and success criteria. We then keep you abreast of progress while we complete the work. At the end of the engagement we deliver the completed work and present to you and your team.

Work package engagements include:

  • Architecture and Design
  • Technical Proof of Concept
  • Defining Processes, Procedures and Practices
  • Technical and Security Reviews
  • Bespoke Development

Why 345?