The 7 Outcomes

Build your success across these areas.

How We Do It

Your success will look like this

What does great look like? Making the right choices. Doing the right things. With the right people. At the right time.

When you start to focus on the 7 outcomes for success you will have a new sense of direction. When you achieve success in these 7 areas you will be achieving your software delivery goals.

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Rapid Delivery

You want your software delivery to be rapid and agile. You dream of an improvement and see it on your screen moments later.

The 345 Method has been developed over many years to identify and eliminate the main blockers to achieving rapid delivery.

Your development team works with our support to embed the right practices, methods, tools and processes to unblock your delivery and delight your customers.

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Available & Scalable

Your systems need to stay up and running, your support teams need the right information to be able to diagnose issues. You need to make sure you can cope with changes in demand, whether that’s day-to-day changes or coping with long-term growth.

Available systems can cope with failure in individual components, machines or networks.

Scalable systems are the ones that can flex their capacity up and down. You can keep your service running when you have more traffic, more users, more load. You can optimise your costs at quiet times.

This sounds easy. Doing it well is hard.

We have done the hard work already, and created reusable blueprints for available and scalable systems. Build on the heavy lifting we’ve already done.

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Security in your systems helps build trust with your customers. It’s essential for regulated businesses in Financial Services, Healthcare or Pharmaceuticals.

Adopting the 345 Method ensures you cover all the bases in security, from the point your developers write code to running your systems securely.

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Quality & Bug Free

How do you make software bug-free? And ensure it stays that way?

Total Quality builds on principles that evolved in manufacturing. Your quality is only as strong as the weakest link.

The 345 Method has a process model to ensure quality from the point that developers write code to the moment an application reaches Production. Adapt this model to your own project to improve your quality and simultaneously reduce your testing costs.

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Costs Optimized

Big systems are expensive to run. The bigger they are, the more it hurts you when they are inefficient resource hogs. How much could you save if you only needed 50% of the processing power you use at the moment?

The 345 Method helps you run lean. From containerized applications to tiered data stores, tackle the things that impact your operating costs. We help you identify what’s driving your costs and we help you transition to a more efficient, economical architecture.

How efficient is your development and testing? The 345 Method includes best practices for automation throughout the development and delivery lifecycle to ensure that you are spending your money on real change that adds value.

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Functional and Lovable

Do users of your product or system love to interact with it? Do you have full coverage of your business process with no gaps?

Through years of experience in development we know where these gaps tend to be and how they creep in. The 345 Method helps ensure that you are doing the right things at the right times to ensure you get the best result.

Start by asking the right questions. Finish by giving the right answers!

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Standards Compliant

Meeting standards used to be a minority activity, now it’s mainstream. Standards affect us all these days. PCI-CSS and GDPR for a start, never mind industry-specific standards such as HIPAA and PSD.

The 345 Method has been developed to give you the best outcomes for standards compliance with the minimum impact on your delivery speed and cost.