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Python: The Dirtiest Language Ever

This week I wrote Python for the first time ever, and boy is it dirty.  Every time I write some code in it I feel unclean. I spent many years doing OO programming in C#; I have been used to JavaScript, and whilst JavaScript is untyped and interpreted there are so many fine points in the…

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The anatomy of a release pipeline

Following on from my previous articles on DevOps I’ve decided to write in more detail about the release pipeline. DevOps is a such a buzzword at the moment, but under the bonnet what is actually involved? In this article I’ll be dissecting release pipelines, which transform Continuous Deployment from an aspiration to a reality.   I’ll…

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TypeScript – Help or Hindrance?

At 345 we’ve been using TypeScript for a while now. This started when we began using Angular 2 during the early Betas, and we’ve been experimenting with TypeScript on some of our other Node.js applications as well. The time has come to ask the question: Is TypeScript a help or a hindrance? What is TypeScript?…

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