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New pypyr Release – Version 2.2.0 shipped today

We’re excited to announce the latest release of our devops pipeline runner, pypyr!  You can check out the latest release notes here:, and find it on PyPi via this link: What is pypyr? Warning:  this is one for the techies! pypyr (pronounced piper as in the Pied Piper) is a free open-source yaml-based pipeline…

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DevOps: The Concurrent Engineering of Software

I used to be an Engineer. Yes, really. A proper one. I used to design physical things rather than what I do now – specify how ones and zeroes should be arranged. I used to help design equipment for aeroplanes. In fact, it was automating repetitive calculations through scripting and via programming languages that eventually…

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The anatomy of a release pipeline

Following on from my previous articles on DevOps I’ve decided to write in more detail about the release pipeline. DevOps is a such a buzzword at the moment, but under the bonnet what is actually involved? In this article I’ll be dissecting release pipelines, which transform Continuous Deployment from an aspiration to a reality.   I’ll…

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