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DevOps: The Concurrent Engineering of Software

I used to be an Engineer. Yes, really. A proper one. I used to design physical things rather than what I do now – specify how ones and zeroes should be arranged. I used to help design equipment for aeroplanes. In fact, it was automating repetitive calculations through scripting and via programming languages that eventually…

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The anatomy of a release pipeline

Following on from my previous articles on DevOps I’ve decided to write in more detail about the release pipeline. DevOps is a such a buzzword at the moment, but under the bonnet what is actually involved? In this article I’ll be dissecting release pipelines, which transform Continuous Deployment from an aspiration to a reality.   I’ll…

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Day 1 DevOps: A Manifesto

I believe everyone starting a software project should start their DevOps on the first day [of the build cycle] of their project. I believe that failure to do this leads to bad places almost every time, and the more complex the solution the worse mess you can get into. This is my manifesto for getting your DevOps…

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