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Day 1 DevOps: A Manifesto

I believe everyone starting a software project should start their DevOps on the first day [of the build cycle] of their project. I believe that failure to do this leads to bad places almost every time, and the more complex the solution the worse mess you can get into. This is my manifesto for getting your DevOps…

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Microservices: A Restatement of SOA

345 Systems have just been exhibiting and presenting at API World over in San Jose (http://apiworld.co/).  This has been a great conference and expo, focused on APIs and microservices, with a whole track on building solutions through integration of APIs. Microservices are a really hot topic at the moment, and people are jumping on the…

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Enterprise Application Configuration #4: The Application Configuration Lifecycle

In this series of blog posts I am discussing aspects of Enterprise Application Configuration and how we have come across and resolved issues in real-life mission critical systems. When I talk about Enterprise Applications, I generally refer to applications that are (a) mission critical and (b) distributed across multiple machines.  Sometimes (c) geographically dispersed across…

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