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reality must take precedence over public relations. -Feynman

Projects spawned in the Mouth of Hell

When project delivery goes bad Who is there, my friend, can climb to the sky? Only the gods dwell forever in sunlight. As for man, his days are numbered, whatever he may do, it is but wind. -Gilgamesh, trans. Andrew George Don’t trust those smiley affirmative the-universe-will-provide types who go -I have no regrets. Only…

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Do Businesses Dream of the Public Cloud?

In as little as a decade the public cloud has emerged from nowhere providing the dream of consumption based computing to businesses across the world.  Gone are the days of large capital outlays and long lead times to provision infrastructure, nor is there a need to securely run privately owned physical datacentres or host infrastructure…

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Python: The Dirtiest Language Ever

This week I wrote Python for the first time ever, and boy is it dirty.  Every time I write some code in it I feel unclean. I spent many years doing OO programming in C#; I have been used to JavaScript, and whilst JavaScript is untyped and interpreted there are so many fine points in the…

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Software Development “Process Smells”

We’ve all heard of code smells right? These are the tell-tale signs that things aren’t right. I haven’t heard anyone talking about software development process smells, the tell-tale signs that your process is awry, so I thought I’d put a stake in the ground. I’d love any of our readers to chip in with more…

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