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reality must take precedence over public relations. -Feynman

Leaky Pipe Syndrome

I recently had a problem with a leaky pipe. No, I didn’t need to go and see the doctor: this was the waste water pipe in my kitchen. I’m not sure how plumbing works in all other countries, but here in the UK you basically get 3 options, in ascending order of cost: Plastic pipes…

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DevOps: The Concurrent Engineering of Software

I used to be an Engineer. Yes, really. A proper one. I used to design physical things rather than what I do now – specify how ones and zeroes should be arranged. I used to help design equipment for aeroplanes. In fact, it was automating repetitive calculations through scripting and via programming languages that eventually…

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Projects spawned in the Mouth of Hell

When project delivery goes bad Who is there, my friend, can climb to the sky? Only the gods dwell forever in sunlight. As for man, his days are numbered, whatever he may do, it is but wind. -Gilgamesh, trans. Andrew George Don’t trust those smiley affirmative the-universe-will-provide types who go -I have no regrets. Only…

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