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Episode 10: Recap, Reorient, Remux

In this episode Andrew is flying solo!  Paul is away on a long weekend and has left Andrew holding the fort.  To be more accurate, Andrew is recording from his kitchen for a change.  This episode is a recap and reorient episode – giving a sense of why we’re picking the subjects we are picking…

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Episode 8: Our DevOps Stack

We have covered off the basic principles of DevOps in the previous episodes, now we’re looking at how this looks from a technology perspective.  In this episode Andrew and Paul cover the technology stack that we are currently building on, and what each piece of the DevOps jigsaw does. This article and episode is aimed…

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Episode 7: Our 10 Principles for DevOps Part Deux

In this episode Andrew and Paul cover the high terrain of DevOps. We have come to understand that great software delivery is more about practices than process, and none are more important than the practices we collectively term “DevOps”. We’ll talk about what we mean by DevOps, what the underlying principles are and note some…

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